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Deep down, winning is everything to me. With that being said, these last four weeks have been challenging.

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When we watch film, he can be like a brother and a coach at the same time. I know Frank Sinatra once said if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, and to have Joe Namath, someone who very much so made it here, recognize some talent in me, it really means a great deal to me. You watch quarterbacks slinging it around and winning Super Bowls and MVPs and all that stuff, and to be here is a dream come true.

I think the rest will take care of itself. The book is organized in five parts. Part III focuses on her commitment to gender equality, including briefs she wrote as a lawyer and her statement from the bench when the court decided United States v. Virginia , which declared unconstitutional the exclusion of women from Virginia Military Institute. Part IV, which is short, focuses on Ginsburg becoming a Supreme Court justice, and is comprised of her remarks on the day President Bill Clinton nominated her and her introductory statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee at her confirmation hearings.

Finally, Part V is a collection of writings and speeches from her time on the court. Also, this part includes the statements she made from the bench in a number of high-profile cases.

In My Own Words

Rather than presenting her opinions, which obviously are accessible elsewhere, the choice was made to recount her bench statements, which otherwise are not readily available. Indeed, I think this is the greatest strength of the book: Most of what is included is not easily accessible, or even available at all. The book is primarily comprised of speeches that have not been previously published. Although this is neither an autobiography nor a biography her collaborators on this book note that they are writing her biography , the book provides insights and information about Ginsburg.

I, for example, never had known that her first name is actually Joan, but that there were so many Joans in her kindergarten class that she always has been called by her middle name, Ruth.

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He's a central midfielder who I've always looked up to. I've watched him throughout my career. Joe goes head to head with his childhood idol, Ballon d'Or winner Luka Modric. When I was younger and starting up, I was always watching how he used to caress the ball and play people in, the way he used to move past players It was a huge moment to be in the tunnel and look across to see him. That was big, but I've never feared anyone.

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Whoever you are, even if you're my idol, I'll go against you with everything I've got. My dad has raised me to never back down from any challenges. To play against him and test my ability against his, it was a big deal for me and that was probably the best moment of pre-season for me. When we came back to England, people were starting to ask me whether I'd be playing for the first team this season. They hadn't asked me those sorts of things before so maybe they were starting to think, 'Oh, he can play, he's alright you know'.

But I don't really focus on that, I only look at what I need to do. I always have goals in my head and I need to reach them for me to be happy, for me to be able to sleep at night.

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That's what I try to go back to when people are starting to fuss about me. I know football's really fickle. One day you're on the up, the next you could be on the way down. I feel like with my strategy in my head, it's the only thing I can go to.

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Even when I signed the new contract or when people are talking me up, I've still got my dad there to make sure I'm grounded and focusing on what I need to do to progress. We had a plan when I was younger and that was to play for the first team regularly and be a big player for Arsenal.

That's my dream and I haven't fulfilled it yet.

My dad reminds me of that plan and won't let me relax until I've fulfilled it. For me to break into the team and help the team win titles would be absolutely amazing. I've worked my whole life for a chance like this, so I'm ready for the challenge.

In Her Own Words - Alone With You

Joe Willock. Copyright The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to www. Positive omens, November woes and three other things you should know ahead of Saturday's Premier League clash.

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Join today and always be ahead of the game. Website feedback Fill in our form. I don't really like getting shrugged off the ball. I don't like losing. Fixtures Thu Nov 28 - Sun Dec 1 -